About us

Viktoria Bilal, CEO VEGANBASED

About us

VEGANBASED is a new movement based on the desire to treat the inhabitants of our planet gently, with care, kindness, tolerance and understanding. By supporting and purchasing VEGASBASED products, one can express their intention to make the world more comfortable and safer for every living being.

VEGANBASED means equality and the absence of any kind of discrimination. The more vulnerable a creature is, the greater its right to receive protection from violence. We share this world with millions of other living beings, and we all develop here together. Any manifestation of life has value. We are all different, and that's fine. Let others be different, accept their right to freedom and express a friendly attitude to the diversity of life. The world has the right to be diverse though it is a single whole. No matter how different we are, we are all equal in one right: to be free and to give this freedom to those ones who depend on our choice. The freedom of one person begins with the rejection of the oppression of the rights and the condemnation of others. In physical freedom, we feel calm. You can feel such freedom when you wear a VEGANBASED Hoodie. People are different but the Hoodie is the one and only.

After all, the success of humanity and the development of civilization are possible only with the cultivation of the science of relationships, where all manifestations and forms of life live together in peace and harmony with nature. The actions performed today create tomorrow's world. We want to stop the endless disputes between people with different views. After all, all positive changes occur only when a person feels that they are accepted and loved for who they are. It is in this feeling that the desire to become better arises. Condemnation and aggression have the opposite effect. Therefore, our clothes are for anyone who supports the right of everyone to a safe world. These principles are the basis of the concept of the VEGANBASED brand.

However, first of all, it is comfortable clothes in which you will feel comfortable and free, which is what every living being on our planet strives for. Fashionable oversize - nothing will constrain your movements! Completely one-piece model, without fasteners and buttons. A unique hood-mantle that gives an additional atmosphere to our hoodies. Stylish cuffs on the sleeves with slits for the fingers, turning into classic cuffs with just one turn. Comfortable hidden side pockets and, for the first time, a unique reflective VEGANBASED Logo on the chest!

Versatile, practical and, at the same time, stylish clothing made in accordance with the latest global trends. In the clothes of our brand, you can stand in endless traffic jams, play sports or walk in the park, be on a plane, go to parties, to a restaurant and even on a date. With a unique style, one can do everything that comfortable clothes are needed for. Look the way you want, dress the way you want.

VEGANBASED will give you something that, perhaps, you can not feel in other clothes. This is an opportunity to express yourself to the world and be yourself. Be yourself in harmony with the world. Do you want to speak out? Go ahead! After all, our clothes are telling!

About logo

Главная особенность логотипа VEGANBASED состоит в уникальности — нигде более вы не найдете трендовые вещи со светящимся в темноте или светоотражающим и одновременно экологичным логотипом на груди! И мы первые в России! Особенность светоотражающего логотипа состоит в том, что он начинает подсвечиваться, как только на его поверхность попадает искусственный свет. Благодаря этому его видно на расстоянии до 250 метров. Это невероятно стильно, а главное, безопасно. Ведь на плохо освещенных участках дороги он будет хорошо виден для водителей. Помимо практичности и безопасности, он выглядит очень эксклюзивно. А логотип светящийся в темноте, особенно эксклюзивно смотрится в клубах, под лучами неонового света. Материал безопасен для здоровья, не вызывает аллергии и является одним из лучших вариантов для самовыражения! Логотип VEGANBASED это возможность высказаться, не нарушая личные границы другого. Это возможность заявить о себе миру или просто быть собой.